Word Lab Talks at January EPS Meeting

Three members of the word lab will be giving talks at the EPS Meeting which will take place 8-9 January 2015 at the Department of Experimental Psychology at UCL. The titles and authors of the talks are listed below:

  • Zhenguang (Garry) Cai (UCL): ‘Embodied conceptualization in language production’
  • Grzegorz Maciejewski and Jennifer Rodd (UCL): ‘Does meaning acquisition entail meaning competition?’
  • Jennifer Rodd, Zhenguang (Garry) Cai, Matthew Davis, Gareth Gaskell
    (UCL, MRC CBU, Cambridge, University of York): ‘Speaker accent modulates access to word meanings’

Click HERE to see the full programme for the January EPS meeting including abstracts for the talks.

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