Current Members

Dr Jenni Rodd
Dr Zhenguang (Garry) Cai
Research Associate
Dr Becky Gilbert
Research Associate

Hannah Betts
PhD Student
Rachael Hulme
PhD Student
Eva Poort
PhD Student

Lena Blott
PhD Student


The Word Lab is high collaborative and we work with a number of researchers both within the UK and overseas including:

Dr Matt Davis (MRC CBU, Cambridge UK)

Prof Ingrid Johnsrude (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

Dr Joe Devlin (UCL)

Dr Jane Warren (UCL) 

Prof Gareth Gaskell (University of York)

Mr Greg Maciejewski (PhD Student at University of Leeds)

Past Members

Giulio Dulcinati (PhD Student in Linguistics at UCL)

Sylvia Vitello (Cambridge Assessment)

Rebecca Tan (BSc Psychology, now at Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Jane Neal (MSc Research Methods in Psychology, now at North Illinois University)

Matt Landau (BSc Psychology, now at BioMed Central)