Welcome to The Word Lab at UCL!

We are a group of researchers based in the Department of Experimental Psychology, University College London

We aim to discover how people understand spoken and written language.

The lab is led by Professor Jennifer Rodd and is currently funded primarily by the ESRC

We work closely with Dr Jo Taylor and Dr Adam Parker and their research teams.


.Our main research questions are:

  • How do children and adults learn new information about what words mean?
  • How do people pick out the aspects of a word’s meaning that are relevant?
  • What makes some people better at understanding words than others?

For a brief intro to our research have a look at:

1. An episode of The Allusionist podcast entitled ‘This Is Your Brain On Language’ featuring Prof Jenni Rodd:

2. Prof Jenni Rodd’s ‘meet the researcher’ video, which was made as an introduction to her research for undergraduate students:

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