We are always looking for volunteers to help with our experiments.

    • We currently require participants for an online experiment investigating how bilinguals process the words of the languages they speak, below are the criteria for taking part:
      1. Nationality: Dutch or Belgian. You were born in the Netherlands or in Belgium and at least one of your parents is Dutch or Belgian.
      2. First language: Dutch or Flemish. You learnt Dutch or Flemish when you were little (i.e. since you were born) from at least one of your parents.
      3. Good command of the English language. You have no trouble understanding English or taking part in conversations that are in English.
      4. Age: 18-50 years old.
      5. No dyslexia or other language, speech or hearing disorders.

If you meet these criteria and are interested in taking part then please click here.

  • If you can come in to our lab (UCL, London) to participate in our other experiments then please sign up here.

For more online psychology studies (not based at UCL) visit www.onlinepsychresearch.co.uk.