Recruitment FAQs

This information is relevant to the currently open RA position. It should be read after first looking carefully at the Person Specification and Job Description here.

  • What are you looking for in a good application?

The most important thing is that you clearly tell us about the extent to which you meet the essential and desirable criteria as set out in the person specification (available here). Don’t assume that we know what skills you have based on your qualifications. Clearly state relevant courses/modules that you have taken and give details of projects that you have been involved in as evidence that you meet these criteria. Your application needs to show us that you are well suited to this specific project.

  • How flexible is the start date?

The earliest possible start date is 1st September 2021. We would like to have someone in post relatively soon after that date, but would be able to delay the start for a month or two if required. For example, if you are currently enrolled on a course that doesn’t end until slightly later in the year. Or if your current work contract makes this start date difficult.

  • Should I apply early to have the best chance of being successful?

As long as your application is submitted before the deadline then it doesn’t matter when you apply. We will not close the position before the deadline and all applications will be looked at together after the deadline has closed. We will not give any advantage to early applications.

  • I do not meet all the essential criteria but have other relevant skills. Should I apply?

Unfortunately we will not be able to shortlist candidates who do not meet all the essential criteria.

  • Where can I read more about the research project?

For a general introduction to the research topic see this recent review paper.

For information about the aims of the current research project see this summary.

  • I am due to graduate this summer, can I still apply?

Yes. As long as you are due to complete your degree this summer and will be able to provide evidence that you meet the requirements to graduate by the start date in September then your application will be considered.

  • Is the position available part-time?

We have advertised this as a full-time position, but would consider part-time hours. We encourage applicants to make clear in their application if they have a requirement for part-time hours.

  • Do you also have unpaid positions available in your lab?

It is my policy not to recruit unpaid interns as I view this as a barrier to ensuring that everyone has equal access to a career in research, regardless of their financial and personal situations.

  • What experimental platforms will you use for your research?

We are currently using Gorilla and anticipate that this will most likely be used for all experiments on this project. However in our experience, researchers with experience with other platforms find it very easy to switch to Gorilla so experience with this platform is not essential.