Lena Blott

Lena is a PhD Student in Language and Cognition

lena_blott.PNG I am a PhD candidate within the Department of Language and Cognition at UCL, working principally with Dr Jane Warren and the Word Lab team on studies investigating semantic ambiguity.

Broadly speaking, my PhD research investigates how we determine the meanings of words when we read or listen to sentences. When we encounter a sentence such as “The coach is full”, how do we know whether “coach” refers to a vehicle that is full of people or a person that is full of food? And, crucially, what happens if we get it wrong?

A major focus of my work is to find out more about mistakes in interpretation, and how the language system recovers from them. I am particularly interested in how the processing capacities and strategies that are used to recover from misinterpretations might differ between individuals. I use behavioural, eye-tracking and functional neuroimaging methods to investigate these questions.

Email: lena.holderer.12(at)ucl.ac.uk