Five Word Lab Members Present their Research at the Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) Meeting in Oxford

Oxford's Radcliffe Square
Oxford, UK.

Five members of the word lab will be presenting their research at the Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) meeting which will take place 8-10 July 2016 in Oxford.

The titles for the talks/poster (and links to the abstracts) can be found below:

‘Effects of Massed and Spaced Repetitions on Word-Meaning Priming’ [Talk] – Hannah N. Betts and Jennifer M. Rodd (University College London, UK).

‘Temporal Precision in Short-Term Memory for Spoken Word Sequences’ [Talk] – Rebecca A. Gilbert1, Graham J. Hitch2, and Tom Hartley2 (1University College London, UK; 2University of York, UK).

‘How easily can we learn new meanings for known words from stories?’ [Poster] – Rachael Hulme, Dasha Barsky, and Jennifer Rodd (University College London, UK). [Pdf]

‘The cognate facilitation effect depends on stimulus list composition’ [Talk] – Eva D. Poort and Jennifer M. Rodd (University College London, UK).

‘Comparing Error-Driven and Associative Accounts of Word-Meaning Priming’ [Talk] – Jennifer M. Rodd1, Rebecca A. Gilbert1, Jane E. Warren1, and Matthew H. Davis2 (1University College London, UK; 2MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK).